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3 Key Factors to Winning Government & Defense Contracts

Every month the Department of Defense issues over $130 million in solicitations for the procurement of goods and services from private contractors.  This creates opportunities for thousands of businesses looking to take advantage, and opens the flood gates to some of the fiercest market competition around. Unlike most common business models, defense contractors face a […]

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KYC: Know Your Customer

Successful marketing has evolved a lot over the past century. Simple “buy me” techniques and slick used car salesman pitches no longer work – and in fact, they never really worked properly in the first place. Today’s marketing is all about understanding the consumer and getting them to identify with not only your product or […]

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7 Tips for Effective Content Marketing in 2015

Content marketing. It’s one of the more hyped about buzz words nowadays, and is batted about in small business guides and network meetings everywhere. But what exactly is content marketing, and why do you need it? Simply put, content is words – and marketing is selling something. So in essence, content marketing is using words […]

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Turning Visitors into Customers with Conversion Optimization

How many of your website visitors become viable customers? How do you increase that percentage? The first step is conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization: discerning what works and what doesn’t, through analyzing data and garnering user feedback. Although mostly used for acquiring new customers, CRO can be used to improve a variety of metrics […]