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8 Tips for Launching an Effective B2B Website

Many would agree that the approach of selling products or services online has changed drastically in recent years. The techniques which frequently closed deals on yesterday’s internet barely gets the phone ringing today. So what’s the underlying cause of this change? The answer isn’t so simple, but to sum it up in just a few […]


What Does Your Brand Say?

A brand is the overall picture that a client has of your company; an overall sense of your business’s self, if you will. Branding includes not only your logo and name, but also your social media, website design, business cards and even how you answer the phone – everything that gives a client an impression […]

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How Google’s New Partnership with Twitter May Improve Your SEO Strategy

Google search results will now include Tweets – when clicked upon, these Tweets will bring the user to a special page with some advertisements and a log-in page. Announced at Twitter’s fourth quarter conference call, this new addition to Google searches will expand the reach of your Tweets. Although no formal start date has been […]