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Email Subscriber List Building

You can have the most effective email promotion in the world, but without a constantly growing list of real subscribers to send that email to, your message will have virtually no impact. Our services will help you build a list of targeted prospects who have an interest in your brand. Most importantly, we will never purchase or license subscriber lists, or send unsolicited bulk email (SPAM). All of the prospects on your mailing list have chosen (“opted in”) to be there, and will have a much more likely to open the messages sent by your organization.

Branded E-Mail Template Creation

When it comes to email marketing, the presentation of your offering can make or break the deal in a matter of seconds. Our award-winning creative and design team will create a professional customized template that will truly reflect the quality of your brand to your customers and new prospects.

Content Strategy & Creation

At the core of any great email marketing campaign is content. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make when writing the copy of an email campaign is to craft the message in the form of an advertisement. This will do nothing more than land your message in the trash can, or even worse – flagged as SPAM.  We’ll write informative and engaging copy that brings value to your subscribers and gets them to take action.

Targeting Your Audience

Every subscriber in your mailing list has different interests, behaviors and demographics. Therefore, one email message might work for some but not others. Using targeted list segmenting, we can help make your message have an impact by creating different messages for different segments of your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email Marketing is a powerful marketing tool used by small businesses, non-profits and enterprises to help them efficiently communicate with their existing customers and new prospects. Email marketing can be used to meet numerous business objectives including establishing your brand, keeping your customers coming back with new products, specials and promotions, cultivating your relationships, driving ongoing sales and ultimately creating loyalty.

A common misconception is that email marketing is no longer important or useful as a marketing tool. Here’s some interesting facts about email marketing:

  • 94% of people who are online use email at least once per week
  • 88% check email daily
  • 50% of consumers make purchases as a direct result of email

Five Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing often gets buried beneath all the buzz about search engine optimization, and social media marketing. But email marketing for businesses is more important than ever.
Email continues to thrive as more consumers connect to email through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It’s not uncommon for most consumers to check email dozens of times in a given day (in fact, by the time you’ve read this paragraph you’ve more than likely glanced at your inbox). So, as a business owner it’s important to keep your message in front of your customers where they, and email is one of the most effective ways of doing so.

After reading the five benefits of email marketing, this powerful technique should move to move to the forefront of your marketing strategy when it comes time to decide where to invest your marketing dollars.

Benefits of Email Marketing #1: Targeting customers with a segmented email list

As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard of targeted marketing. In a nutshell, your customers all have different objectives, and most likely aren’t all looking for the same thing. If you’re a local retail shop that sells women’s clothing and accessories, it probably doesn’t make sense to promote dresses to male customers. Or it may not make sense for a retailer with multiple store locations to market a weekday special at its west side store to its south side customers. This problem can be solved with email marketing by “segmenting” your list.

Email marketing allows you to segment your list based on any demographic, interest or behavioral data collected on your customers. Most popular email marketing providers allow you to easily segment your subscriber list based on various “triggers”. For example, customers who regularly open your email promotions could be set to receive them more frequently (one per week), whereas prospects who rarely open your email could receive them on a less frequent bases (a few times per month), so not to annoy them, and not landing you in their spam box.

Another popular segmenting trigger could be used to market related product verticals.  Let’s say you sell various outdoor recreational equipment.  One customer who recently purchased hunting equipment would receive promotions related to hunting, while the customer who purchased camping gear would receive product promotions related to campaign. This form of segmenting promotes more constant engagement with your messages from prospects, and will ultimately result in driving more sales.

Benefits of email marketing #2: Keep Mindshare

While the bad reputation of SPAM has caused business owners to shy away from email promotion, the reality is, the consumer who’ve joined your list via a legitimate email marketing campaign have opted-in for your email. Essentially, they’ve given you permission to send them promotional emails, and your should certainly take advantage of this opportunity to gain repeat business from them.
Even if they’re not in the market for your product or service at the very time they receive your email, your brand is going retain mind share, so when they are ready to make that purchase, you’ll be one of the first few brands that come to mind.

On the opposite side of the email marketing spectrum are those who let their subscriber lists go inactive, and stop sending out email promotions. This is probably the worst thing you can do, and it will only to lead to uninterested subscribers who will eventually unsubscribe from your email list and potentially as a customer. Don’t let this happen – keep those messages coming consistently (whether they’re sent once a week, or once a month).

Benefits of email marketing #3: Drive sales

Whether you sell products online or in a local storefront, email is a great way to drive more sales. According to SalesForce.com, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email, which is higher than any other marketing channel. To almost any business owner, that’s one of the most important benefits of email marketing since the ultimate goal is sales.
By having almost instant access to your customers through email, a business can advertise promotions or highlight a new product release. If your message is created with the purpose of engagement, consistent marketing emails will drive prospects to your web site or retail store, eventually leading to a sale.

Benefits of email marketing #4: Building brand loyalty

Converting prospects into paying customers is the most important step in the sales cycle. However, if you’d like to achieve longevity in your market, converting a first time customer into a loyal lifetime customer is a crucial step any businesses should strive to achieve. But most often, businesses focus too much of their efforts on acquiring new customers and fail to get the most out of their current ones.

Building brand loyalty takes time and a willingness to invest. One of the most effective ways an organization can build brand loyalty is through email marketing.

Here’s a proven example on how to use email marketing to leverage your existing customer base. Once a customer purchases one of your products, an email can be used to send them a quick “thank you” letter for their purchase. Later, you can use email to send your customer information or a tutorial on how he can get the most out of the product they’ve just purchased from you. Or you could use an email to send him a coupon on their birthday, or wedding anniversary. And lastly, you can use email from time to time as a way to remind your now loyal customer to purchase from you again.

Building brand loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. But by using email marketing effectively, business owners can feel confident in reaching this goal.

Benefits of email marketing #5: Metrics and ROI Measurement

One of the most important, and often most overlooked benefits of email marketing, is that powerful tracking tools are available to measure nearly anything. Whether you’re a small business or a seasoned enterprise, justifying and continually tracking your return on investment in any marketing channel is absolutely indispensable. And tracking the outcome of your marketing campaigns are the first step in this process. Email marketing allows you to see measure that outcome and compare it against your investment to make sure you’re getting back what you’ve put into it (and then some).

The tracking tools used for email marketing go beyond basic metrics such as email open rates and click-throughs (which are still a very important statistic nonetheless). But components can be put in place that help you track how well an email campaign worked.

For example, if you run a local takeout restaurant and send a $10 coupon to an existing customer through email, you can collect all of the coupons that are redeemed at the restauraunt, aggregate total sales that the coupons resulted in and compare the sales to your overall investment in the email and the coupons. If the metrics show that investment in the campaign is higher than the sales, it may be time to try a different promotion. However, if the sales vastly exceed your overall investment, continuing to use and improve upon your existing email marketing promotion only makes sense.