Build a Cult Following Around Your Brand

Connect with your audience on
a personal level with Social Media.

“46% of all online users count on social media when making a purchase decision.”
– HubSpot Survey Statistics

1. Initial consultation

Our social media specialist will meet with you via telephone (or in person at one of our offices if you so choose) to discuss your overall objectives, helping you identify your key audience and any potential opportunities.

2. Creation of your Social Media Marketing Strategy

After we’ve identified your key audience, we’ll craft your social media marketing strategy from the ground up, targeting that audience with custom content pieces including as articles, blog posts, surveys,  images and other relevant media.  This content will be used to engage your ideal customer with your brand.

3. Forming and nurturing social connections

The content pieces outlined in your strategy will be distributed and updated consistently over an extended period of time to attract new social connections to your company’s pages.

4. Measurement and reporting

Your dedicated social media marketing specialist will issue monthly reports showing all of the new followers gained over that period of time, a breakdown of their interaction with your content, as well as statistics on the rate at which your social connections become paying customers.

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