The Three Musketeers of Content Marketing for Social Media


Social media is no longer the new trend that it was a few years ago. Most businesses understand that they need to have at the very least a Facebook and Twitter account, if not Google+ and Instagram as well. Unfortunately, it takes time to update these social media accounts, and many business owners just don’t understand the importance of updated content.

There is literally no point in hanging on to your social media account if it is never updated; you will gradually bleed followers and “likes,” and new potential customers will fall by the wayside as well – no one wants to follow a Facebook page or a Twitter account that posts a funny picture once in a blue moon, and never provides any informative or interesting content.

The three musketeers for social content

There are three different types of content that work the best for social media. These are informative, engagement and entertainment. The right mix of these three subjects will go great lengths in keeping your followers interested in your posts, and less likely to bypass your message or “turn you off” altogether. This recipe for success works mostly for Facebook, but can be crossed over to your Twitter feed as well – just write a short blurb on your post and link to it.

Your customer’s opinion matters

Engagement posts are probably what drives a Facebook page by far. These are the posts that ask for a response from the follower; whether it be an either/or situation, a question on one of your products or services, or just a “caption this” photo, these posts can get people talking about you in a hurry – if done right. The ideal engagement post has something to do with your business; has a picture that catches the eye; and a short description of what you want.

For example—a Realtor could post a picture of two nicely appointed bathrooms – one with a bathtub, and one with a shower. “Which one do you prefer?” would be the question. Followers would then answer with the method they preferred. Caption this photos are quite common – the best kind of photo to use for this is a) something that is local or b) something that you yourself have taken. Quite often the same types of photo – or even the same photo – is passed around, and become tired and boring.

The final – and probably the more interesting in the eyes of a business owner – type of engagement post is one that asks a question about your products and services. This is a fairly easy task for retail or restaurant businesses, as a simple, “What type of apparel should we bring in next?” or “What would you prefer on our menu – a new appetizer or a dessert?” Customers could then be solicited for the type of clothing they would like to see or choose between specific desserts or appetizers.

Entertain me!

Entertainment posts can be fun – but they also have to fit within the guidelines of good class, and again, fit in with your business’s industry. Pictures certainly say a thousand words in these types of posts – so a well-chosen picture is worth its weight in gold. Again, try to choose pictures that aren’t already out there in the Internet; choose a picture taken by one of your employees of a sunset, or of your dog doing something silly. The world is a wondrous and beautiful place we live in, and photos that are beautiful; funny; or endearing are the ones that will win the day.

A word on pictures. Unless you are using your own picture, ensure that you are choosing ones that are not copyrighted; there are many services out there you can use for purchasing pictures, or ask the original photographer if you can use the photo. Giving credit is usually all that’s required.

Tell me something I don’t know …

Informative posts tell something about your business or industry that most people don’t know. It needs to be something that piques the interest, and not something most of the world already knows. For example, you could go into how you started your business; or why you chose the name. Informative posts need to be short and sweet – if you want to go further in-depth, link the post to a blog or your website that explains more.

When? How often?

There is no magic formula to creating the perfect post. There is experimenting – and determining when your followers are on Facebook, and when they’re more likely to engage. It is normally recommended to post three times per week – one for each of the subjects, engagement, entertainment and informative. If you must post only once per week, try to make the post a mix of all three, or at least two.